Premier League Table After Alex Ferguson Retired

Premier League Champions

There’s one figure that defines success better than anyone else in the Premier League era of English club football. Manchester United won the league title 13 times under his management, including in the inaugural Premier League season. Since his retirement (following the 2012-2013 season, which was also won by the Red Devils), things have gone a bit differently compared to his time, with Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City overtaking the club he propelled to the top of the all-time charts.

Post-Ferguson Premier League Table (2013-2014 to 2016-2017 seasons)

TeamSeasonsPointsPoints per Match
1. Chelsea43122.05
2. Manchester City43092.03
3. Arsenal43001.97
4. Tottenham42891.90
5. Liverpool42821.85
6. Manchester United42691.77
7. Everton42271.49
8. Southampton42251.48
9. Stoke41991.31
10. West Ham41941.27
11. Swansea41861.22
12. Crystal Palace41761.15
13. West Brom41681.10
14. Leicester31561.36
15. Sunderland41390.91
16. Newcastle31251.09
17. Hull City31060.93
18. Aston Villa3930.81
19. Bournemouth2881.15
20. Watford2851.11
21. Burley2730.96
22. Norwich2670.88
23. Fulham1320.84
24. QPR1300.79
25. Cardiff1300.79
26. Middlesbrough1280.73

As you can see, the table above doesn’t include the few matches already played in the 2017-2018 season. It differs from the current all-time Premier League table, which has Manchester United on top, followed by Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool (and in that order). That table, or at least it’s Top 26, has clubs which haven’t played in the EPL over the last 4 seasons: Blackburn (1995 champions), Leeds, Bolton, Coventry, Sheffield Wednesday, Wimbledon and Charlton.

Other interesting notes about the last 4 seasons:

  • QPR is ranked above Cardiff because of better goal difference (-31 to Cardiff’s -42)
  • There are 14 clubs with 4 Premier League seasons, the worst of them is Sunderland, who were relegated three months ago
  • Leicester is the highest ranked club with less than 4 seasons in the Premier League thanks to their stunning title campaign in 2015-2016
  • Chelsea and Manchester City are the other champions on the list, with Chelsea winning the title twice (2015 and 2017, once under Jose Mourinho and once under Antonio Conte)
  • Only two of the 4-year clubs have had the same manager throughout this run: Arsenal with Arsene Wenger (dating back to 1996 in fact) and Stoke with Mark Hughes, who was appointed as manager on May 2013
  • The highest ranked team without a Top 4 finish in the last four seasons are Everton, with a 5th place finish in 2013-2014 their best (in fact their best in the last 8 seasons)
  • The most points achieved in one seasons over the last 4 years is 93 points by Chelsea last season. Leicester’s 81 points to win the 2016 title is the lowest of the 4. In fact, there are three non-champions (Liverpool & Chelsea in 2014, Tottenham in 2017) that finished with a higher point total
  • The worst season is Aston Villa’s 2015-2016 campaign, finishing with only 17 points, a terrible 0.44 points per match.