9 Quizzes to Get Ready for the Champions League Final

Juventus, Real Madrid, Logos

A great and proven way of getting ready for a Champions League final is testing your knowledge beforehand so you can show off to the company you’re in during the viewing. Here are 9 Champions League quizzes, including some focused on Real Madrid and Juventus, sure to make you smarter heading into the final in Cardiff tonight.

Every Champions League Team

Since the Champions League began (in name since 1993, in format since 1992), there have been quite a lot of teams – from European giants to miniscule one-hit wonders from small leagues. Can you name all of them? 

Champions League Winning Players Nationalities

And going into a little more detail, which nationalities were represented among the winning clubs of the Champions League through 2016?

Real Madrid & Juventus UCL XI’s

Focusing on the teams that will play in the 2017 Champions League final, try and see how many players of their UCL campaigns you can remember throughout the years.

Champions League Winners

 Since 1993, there have been 13 different teams to win the Champions League. Can you name them all?

Champions League Top Scoring Teams

The answer to this question might have something to do with the teams that have made it into the tournament more times than anyone else.

Players for Real Madrid & Juventus

10 players have worn both jerseys over the years, regardless of the Champions League. Can you name them all?

Every Champions League Finalist

Not just the winners this time, but every team that’s been to a Champions League final since 1993. A bit more difficult, but not by much.

Players with 3 or more Champions League Final Appearances

And remaining in the field of finalists, only players and not teams – who has been to the final 3 times or more?