Rasmus Munskind Scores a Painful Goal With His Crotch

A goal has to be really special if it comes from the Estonian lower league cup final, as Rasmus Munskind scoring a goal by having the ball hit him in the delicate area below the waist, helping his team (FC Tallinn University) beat Paide Linnameeskond II is certainly unique.

Munskind didn’t really do anything – he was simply at the right place at the right time. Paide’s goalkeeper tried to clear the ball, and Munskind was in the box. The ball hit him instead of being cleared properly, and while Munskind fell to the ground in pain after getting hit in the nuts, his teammates were celebrating going 4-0 up.

The match ended in a 4-0 win for Tallin, with Munskind being some sort of unwilling hero at the end, not knowing he’ll become something of an internet sensation shortly after the final ended. Playing in a league that hardly gets any beyond-local exposure, scoring a ball with his crotch might be his 15 seconds of fame.