Real Madrid Now 8 Points Behind Barcelona in Spanish La Liga

Four matches into the season, and Real Madrid are 8 points behind the league leaders, Barcelona. In Spain, that means they’re pretty much not allowed to lose anymore points in this title race, already losing two matches, something that took them an entire season last year to accumulate.

Barca were the first team to play this Saturday, in Madrid, against Getafe, the other team that beat Jose Mourinho’s players this season. Lionel Messi started on the bench, which made it rather difficult Barcelona in a bit of a different look in the first half, but Adriano scoring in the 32 minute let out a lot of air and pressure. In the second half, once Messi was on the pitch, it was smooth sailing.

First it was a penalty kick, and a bit later he added his second goal, to make it six goals in his first four league matches of the season. Cristiano Ronaldo is behind on the Pichichi race as well, another reason to be sad, besides money and social status. David Villa added the fourth after Javier Mascherano scored an own goal. Twelve from twelve, 12-3 in goals for and against. They could be playing better, which might be a bit scary, or just means they should be happy with what they have.

In Sevilla, Real Madrid found out how things are different this season. After winning 6-2 in their previous two visits to the South of Spain, they were behind and chasing after 70 second;¬†Piotr Trochowski off a corner, while Angel Di Maria did something, but not cover him. Real did have their moments of pressure on Palop, but most of the time it was a more resolute, persistent and aggressive Sevilla team that set the tone. Real Madrid just couldn’t match up to those levels, or keep a cool head and mount a come back.

Jose Mourinho? Poker face. Cristiano Ronaldo? Everything but not. Sad, frustrated, and way behind Barcelona in the title race and Messi in everything else.

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