Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Can Focus On Scoring Once Again

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

The beginning of the preseason matches for Real Madrid doesn’t mean the rumors & questions around Cristiano Ronaldo and his future at the club will disappear, but it does give him the chance to focus on what he does best, which is star on the pitch and score goals.

Winning 6-0 against Bournemouth¬†means, well, nothing, but it’s a good way to put an end to the long summer vacation and start working towards what Ronaldo was brought to Real Madrid to do – win league titles (only one in four years so far) and finally win the Champions League (failing to even make the final since leaving Manchester United).

How will life look for Ronaldo and Real in the post Mourinho era? For now, it’s all about smiles. Is everyone actually that happy Jose Mourinho is gone? It’s all about success. If Real Madrid will lead the table next season under Carlo Ancelotti and avoid the losses and draws that early on cost them the title, we’ll hear only good things about the Italian manager. Similar problems to those from last year, and we might start hearing about a longing for Mourinho.

But back to Ronaldo, who scored twice and enjoyed, for once, an away crowd that absolutely adored every touch he made with the ball. Since the moment Real Madrid were drawn with Manchester United in the Champions League last season, we’ve heard about his future at Real Madrid being a limited thing. About his contract running out in 2015. About him staying forever at Real Madrid. About signing the biggest deal ever. About being happy & unhappy. About playing for Paris Saint-Germain.


Now, we might enter a period of silence. Not complete silence, with Ronaldo being one of the most famous people on the planet, but at least when it comes to things happening off the pitch, it might get a little bit calmer. Less talk about renewing his contract (which he has yet to do), and more about how Ancelotti will play him – on the left like during Mourinho’s three-years, or as a supporting striker, similar to how Manuel Pellegrini used him in 2009-2010, Ronaldo’s debut season in Spain.

We’ll get to see about him evolving even more, or remaining the same. The questions around him being selfish or not, and whether or not Real Madrid are a better team when Ronaldo thinks about shooting first, second and third, or when he begins the match by drawing attention yet ends up actually looking for players in better positions.

It’ll be once again about the personal titles he chases, yet this year he truly doesn’t have a case for a Ballon d’Or. No titles, no scoring title. For once, it’ll be about Messi and players from Bayern Munich regarding the individual awards. It might give Ronaldo a chance to step away from the usual PR mess that is generated, and actually come out on top in what’s really important at the end of the season. Scoring more goals than Messi (for him), and winning his second Champions League trophy.

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