Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Doesn’t Need Gareth Bale When He Has Isco

Cristiano Ronaldo

The only thing that’s sure and certain about any lineup Real Madrid use this season is Cristiano Ronaldo playing on the left side. The rest doesn’t seem to matter, even if it means Gareth Bale injured right before the start, because Isco has been so good for his new team it doesn’t really make a difference.

The 4-1 win over Getafe was an almost typical Real Madrid win over small teams from recent seasons – no one expecting a tough match only to concede an early goal as the resting of Sergio Ramos probably had something to do with it, and then an aggressive comeback with goals from Pepe, Isco and twice Cristisano Ronaldo.

For now, Gareth Bale isn’t missed. Angle Di Maria filled the role on the right wing, as well as he has for the last few years at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Argentine has competition for the place in the lineup, but unlike Karim Benzema, who seems to be an automatic selection for the striker position, he seems to be thriving through the need to battle for his spot.

Benzema might be the only thing wrong with a 4-1 win. Expectations at Real Madrid are always for more than just a result, especially at home. The fans except a concert with every moving part playing to perfection. Benzema, who might be suffering from not being part of a rotation at his position, is doing very badly so far this season when it comes to league matches, as his focus and accuracy in the box is just a bit better than terrible.


For goals, there’s always Ronaldo, and Isco seems to have no problem with showing up on the scoresheet time after time. The young Spaniard was supposed to get a bit of rest, but the injury in warm up to Gareth Bale changed Carlo Ancelotti’s plans, after he was already sitting down Luka Modric (with Asier Illarramendi filling in) and Ramos.

Ronaldo is the given thing in this lineup, and on most days it doesn’t really matter how selfish or not he plays. Goals come, because when you take 6-7 shots at least every match and there’s no way of actually stopping the player from taking them, goals will come. Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored 209 goals through his first 205 matches at the club, and the day of him sitting on top of the scoring list isn’t far away, especially with that new contract being signed.

Sterner tests will show up than what we’ve seen so far from Real Madrid, and Ancelotti should feel confident about his midfield and ability to score goals through Ronaldo and Isco, but has concerns – Alvaro Morata seems like quite the gem, but it seems Ancelotti isn’t too keen on benching Karim Benzema, who is going through a bad phase. The defense is also an issue, even if Ramos does actually play. It’s been too easy this season for team to get on the scoresheet against Real Madrid, and fixing the defensive positioning and especially discipline is something Ancelotti will have to address as he moves into more crucial stages of the season.

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