Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Embarrassing Pepe in Training

One of the thing that really humanizes football stars despite the millions they make each season is how they can react to even the simplest things during training. Cristiano Ronaldo nutmegs Pepe in a recent Real Madrid practice, and celebrated it with more enthusiasm than we usually see from him after goals.

The interesting thing here isn’t the nutmeg, which happens quite often, but Ronaldo actually stopping everything in order to celebrate. While the haters will obviously point out how much Ronaldo is celebrating a meaningless achievement, but the truth of it is that this is simply a moment that captures a bit of innocence and playground qualities in what usually is too commercialized of a sport.

Real Madrid play the first leg of their cup tie with Osasuna on Thursday (January 9), before moving on to more serious business in the La Liga, where they’re chasing Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, five points ahead of them.

Their next league match comes three days later, away to 10th place Espanyol. It’ll be a Madrid vs Barcelona weekend, with Atletico Madrid and Barcelona playing in a match for the top spot in the table. Any result, as long as Real Madrid win their match as well, will bring them closer to the losing side, but a draw in the ‘match of the season’ is the only way for them to actually narrow the gab between them and top spot.