Real Madrid – Gareth Bale Diving Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid didn’t win a penalty in that incident, which had Bale power his way into the penalty box, and then fall flat on his front without even being touched. In the Premier League, he was booked more than once and ridiculed for his behavior on the pitch, which seems to go hand in hand with his scoring capabilities, finally bringing them to full effect for his new club.

Real Madrid did win a penalty they didn’t deserve (not for the first time this season) after Isco was fouled outside the box, but referee¬†Jose Antonio Teixeira Vitienes gave them the penalty kick anyway.

The other thing that seemed to grab most of the attention was Cristiano Ronaldo and his hat trick, but more than that his celebration, giving the commander’s salute, dedicated to Sepp Blatter.

Ronaldo is a fragile soul, we all know that. Between diving, scoring, modelling, complaining, ranting and being concerned about what people think about him, he has time to defend the honor of his country and team. Not that Blatter said anything bad about Real Madrid and Portugal, but Cristiano Ronaldo sees anything negative said about him to be an attack on the country and club he loves so much. He loves them so much he needed to be the highest paid player in the world in order to stay.

As for Bale, Carlo Ancelotti will be pleased with him, but that might mean Angel di Maria will be pushed outside the lineup. Bale is a better finisher, although a much more direct and less creative player. It’s an arguable point – who is the better player and who is more beneficial to Real Madrid, but players like Bale, who are rare athletes, thrive in the La Liga, with defenders who aren’t used to handle his style.

Unfortunately, along with a knack to score beautiful goals filled of swerve and power comes this diving habit that’s a bit more acceptable in Spain, which matches Cristiano Ronaldo’s natural instinct to dive at the slightest contact. It might win him a penalty here and there, but probably not too much, as referees soon turn on those who make a habit of cheating.