Ronaldinho Scores Beautiful Free Kick, Loses and Gets Mobbed by Casablanca Players


Beating Atletico Mineiro didn’t stop Raja Casablanca players, the shocking finalists in the Club World Cup, from mobbing the biggest personality on the pitch, Ronaldinho. The Brazilian star scored a beautiful free kick that wasn’t enough to stop his team from losing, but got plenty of attention afterwards, with the Moroccan players taking his shoes as memorabilia.

A stunning 3-1 win by Raja Casablanca over the South American champions, Atletico Mineiro, didn’t hurt the adoration Ronaldinho was getting from the local players, who left the awe and astonishment of being on the pitch with someone who used to be the best in the world not too long ago for after the match, not during it.

Ronaldinho did score a magnificent free kick in an eventful second half (4 goals), equalizing to 1-1 which lasted 20 minutes before the home side, being in the tournament as the champions of the host country, but his most memorable moment came after the final whistle.

He literally had to fend off Casablanca players coming to embrace, touch, kiss, hug (and maybe more) and other intimate stuff him. He didn’t seem too troubled by the event, or too worried about the loss, as it seems the South American interest in the competition is reaching record lows, almost similar to what the Europeans fell about it. He made someone very happy when he gave up his shoes and walked off the pitch on his socks.

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