Sacramento Kings – Ben McLemore Missing So Much Isn’t Something to Worry About

Ben McLemore

Having a bad shooting night on your summer league debut isn’t nothing to be worried about. The Sacramento Kings hope Ben McLemore, on an awful shooting display as gets a taste of the NBA for the first time, knows that.

McLemore ended his first summer league game, a loss to the Dallas Mavericks, with 4-of-23 from the field. He hit only 1-of-11 from three point range, and to think he actually made the first shot he took.

I wasn’t trying to jack a lot of shots up or nothin’ like that, they was all good shots. I feel like they was all good shots I was just missing. My shots just were not falling. Great shooters have some bad shooting nights.

If McLemore says he took only good shots he is lying. But that’s expected from a kid who has spent only one season in college, and is mentioned by some as the best natural scorer in this draft class. Coming to a team he known needs his help when it comes to scoring and outside shooting, McLemore was set out to impress, and he didn’t.

He’s got to take good shots, when he’s open he’s got to knock shots down. He had a tough day today but he’s got to pick his head up and get after it tomorrow. Fortunately we get back in the gym and get some shots up and learn from it. That’s why we’re here, to learn and get better. Long term, not worried about him. As long as a player is willing to put the work in and get better and be more consistent — which he is going to do — you’re not worried.

Stephen Curry never had such a bad night in his first preseason for the Golden State Warriors, but some things don’t happen overnight, and this doesn’t mean a single thing about McLemore’s career. It’s just a rough start, for someone who celebrated his 20th birthday five months ago, and probably tried a little too hard to make a good impression.