San Antonio Spurs – A Winning Record Against Every NBA Team

The win over the Los Angeles Lakers the other night was a bit more meaningful than usual for the San Antonio Spurs, tying their all-time head to head record against the Lakers, adding to the fact of having a winning record against every other NBA team.

We’ve mentioned this before, but the Spurs under Gregg Popovich and pretty much since the Tim Duncan era began, which coincided with the end of the David Robinson regime, are the most successful team not just in the NBA but in all American Sports when it comes to winning percentage, not just titles. The Lakers have won more than them over this time period, beating the Spurs five to four.

It still shouldn’t be surprising that the Spurs, playing in the NBA since 1976 and the ABA-NBA merger have a winning record against all but the Lakers, and have a pretty close matchup with the Blazers and Suns, the only two teams that are close to the Spurs when it comes to consistency in getting to the postseason and posting good regular season records.

Since joining the NBA, the Spurs have missed the playoffs only four times, and have finished with a sub .500 record only six times. Since David Robinson joined the team in 1989, the Spurs have missed the postseason only once, because of the Admiral missing almost the entire 1996-1997 season due to injury. That led to a bad record, the number one pick in the draft, and Tim Duncan coming from Wake Forest. The Spurs haven’t won less than 61% of their games ever since.

Vs the Hawks: 43-36, still haven’t played this season.

Vs the Celtics: 43-38, 2-0 this season.

Vs the Nets: 61-19, 1-0.

Vs the Bobcats: 14-2, 1-0.

Vs the Bulls: 46-29.

Vs the Cavs: 52-29.

Vs the Mavs: 90-64, 2-0.

Vs the Nuggets: 100-63, 1-1.

Vs the Pistons: 48-30.

Vs the Warriors: 95-50.

Vs the Rockets: 97-75, 3-0.

Vs the Pacers: 47-34, 2-0.

Vs the Lakers: 74-74, 2-0.

Vs the Clippers: 115-32, 0-2.

Vs the Grizzlies: 52-16, 1-0.

Vs the Heat: 34-16, 0-1.

Vs the Bucks: 41-36, 2-0.

Vs the Timberwolves: 69-25.

Vs the Hornets: 47-21, 2-1.

Vs the Knicks: 45-36, 0-2.

Vs the Thunder: 83-64, 1-1.

Vs the Magic: 33-15, 1-0.

Vs the 76ers: 48-34, 1-0.

Vs the Suns: 75-72.

Vs the Blazers: 74-73, 1-1.

Vs the Kings: 100-54, 1-0.

Vs the Raptors: 25-9, 2-0.

Vs the Jazz: 91-74, 1-1.

Vs the Wizards: 50-30, 1-0.

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