San Antonio Spurs’ Spuran Spuran Isn’t That Funny

Spuran Spuran

Not everything NBA teams do to create a connection with their fans is funny, or should be done. Like the San Antonio Spurs doing some sort of 80’s New Wave parody, “singing” the song “Spurs!” by the band Spuran Spuran, made up of Matt Bonner, Kawhi Leonard, Aron Baynes and the team’s mascot, the Coyote.

Actually, the video leading up to the music video with some nonesense coming out of the mouths of the players was a bit more fun and enjoyable. Well, not every team has a good enough social media person running the show.

But it’s always nice to see NBA players not taking themselves too seriously, especially as the NBA playoffs are coming up, and things become very serious once that begins.