Seahawks Over Packers – How a Champion Should Start a Season

Seahawks beat Packers

The scariest thing about the Seattle Seahawks opening the 2014 NFL season with a 36-16 win over the Green Bay Packers? This could be just the beginning, and they’re only going to get better – be it Russell Wilson hardly making any mistakes at quarterback, Marshawn Lynch being virtually unstoppable or Percy Harvin showing just how dangerous he is when he’s healthy enough to start the season.

There’s one reason, one player, one name, that gives the Packers credit and recognition as contenders in the NFC: Aaron Rodgers. But even with Rodgers behind center, another position the Packers have a problem with, this game quickly became into a route. Rodgers was held to 189 yards on 23-of-33 attempts, throwing one touchdown pass in the fourth quarter, too late to really change anything. He was also intercepted by Byron Maxwell, but the Seahawks had a few more opportunities to force a turnover.

Things didn’t start out too badly for the Packers, holding a 7-3 lead going into the second quarter. But it took them almost the entire game to find their next touchdown, and in between they put in a lukewarm offensive performance while showing a lot of problems on the defensive side, be it their pass rush, hurt even more by B.J. Raji’s injury, or their terrible tackling, as Lynch plowed through the lines without much of a problem.

Packers get Destroyed

Lynch ran for 110 yards and two touchdowns, as the Seahawks took over the game in the second quarter, beginning with Lynch running for a touchdown to give them a 17-10 lead that only grew bigger with time. The Packers didn’t get much from their running game (80 yards on 21 carries), with Eddie Lacy leaving the game in the fourth quarter due to a concussion. He finished with 12 carries for 34 yards.

Another huge weapon for the Seahawks was Percy Harvin, finishing with 100 yards of rushing and receiving, adding 60 on kick returns. He didn’t score any touchdowns, but is almost like a default option for Wilson with a quick hand off or screen pass, knowing Harvin’s speed will be a bit too much for anyone to handle. Wilson finished with 191 yards on 19-of-28 for two touchdowns, connecting with Ricardo Lockette and Derrick Coleman.

The Pakcers gaining only 255 yards of offense is their third-fewest in a game since 2012, and isn’t really a reliable indicator: No one in the league plays defense like the Seahawks. The Packers gave up three sacks, five tackles for a loss and a safety call in the third quarter to make things worse. Maybe as this season progresses they’ll gain tools to make them a bit more ready to take on this sort of challenge, but for now it doesn’t seem like the Seahawks and Packers are even in the same league.

Obviously, we were the more physical team today, offensively and defensively. I saw supposedly some of the best players in the league not want to tackle Marshawn Lynch. Of course, nobody is going to say nothing about that, but I seen a lot of guys whiff on tackles that should have been 2-yard gains, and they’re supposed to be the best. If we already peaked this game, we’re going to be in trouble. I hope we can just take this game and build on it.

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