Seattle Seahawks – Marshawn Lynch is Trying to Make Money Off of his Media Antics


Because Marshawn Lynch rarely says anything to the media, each word that comes out of his mouth is worth its weight in gold. The Seattle Seahawks running back is trying to capitalize on that, hoping to trademark his ‘I’m just here so I won’t get fined’ gem to put on T-Shirts and sell them.

Lynch didn’t speak to the media or said as few words as possible (Thanks for Aksin, Yeah and so on) last season. He got fined for not showing up to scheduled media appearances, and then started showing up, timing his appearances with the a stopwatch on his cell phone and saying as little as possible in his attempt to win foolish mind games with the media. His team didn’t win the Super Bowl, and I don’t think Lynch made himself seem better through his approach, but if he can make some money off of it, he’ll be more than pleased.

We heard from our fans and so many of them were saying that they wanted that phrase on the clothing. This is just listening to the marketplace.

Lynch has his ‘Beast Mode’ clothing line, the same clothing line that got him into trouble with the NFL during the Super Bowl media week, wearing his brand’s hat during one of the appearances despite it not being an approved brand by the NFL. The phrase should appear on products sold on the online store sometime next month. It isn’t going to have a problem selling, as all sizes and every item on the website is currently sold out.

The NFL decided not to fine Lynch because his cap was made by NFL licensee New Era Cap. This also isn’t the first time Lynch is trying to license one of his phrases, following last year’s “About that action BOSS”. He still doesn’t own the trademark for that phrase, but has already started selling clothes with it printed on them. He owns four “Beast Mode” trademarks and has filed for four more. He has also filed for the phrase “Power Pellets.”

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