Seattle Seahawks – Richard Sherman Making the Preseason Interesting

Phil Bates

There’s nothing wrong with NFL players blowing some steam on each other during practice, but when nothing actually happens during preseason, scuffles and fights make the top news, especially when it’s the Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks and especially Richard Sherman, one of the most vocal players in the league, getting involved.

What actually happened? In a no-tackling training a big fight between the offense and the defense erupted. Everything began when Earl Thomas seemed to purposely fall over receiver Bryan Walters, which caused Walters to injure his right shoulder and leave training, sitting on the sidelines getting treated and being in obvious pain. Doug Baldwin was visibly angry with Thomas going a bit too strong, and the tempers carried on to the next play.

Richard Sherman was covering wide receiver Phil Bates, and the two grabbed each other at the snap, never letting go. Sherman ripped off Bates’ helmet and the two came to blows with Sherman losing his helmet as well. Percy Harvin got involved to push Sherman but the bench and sidelines got involved, trying to break up the fight. Marshawn Lunch pulled Harvin away from it all. Pete Carroll halted practice to talk to the players.

Although the bad blood between Doug Baldwin and Earl Thomas lingered for the next few plays, it seemed that by the end of practice everything calmed down. Bates and Sherman talked to each other and seemed to smooth things over, while Harvin was later seen in the company of the defensive backs, laughing and not looking angry at all. Everyone agreed that it’s not such a bad thing to have players lash out at each other from time to time if it all ends well.

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