Seattle Seahawks – Richard Sherman Won’t Let Russell Wilson Lose

Richard Sherman

An awful performance from a trustworthy quarterback wasn’t enough for the Seattle Seahawks to lose for the first time this season. Richard Sherman is the embodiment of everything that’s great ans successful on this team, which is enough for the defense and the running game to get over Russell Wilson having his worst game in his NFL career.

During the first half, it looked like the Seahawks were tired of being undefeated, and decided to give the San Francisco 49ers an easier target to chase. However, the defense and some strong running from Marshawn Lynch and Wilson himself brought them back into the game, sending it into overtime and eventually winning 23-20 on a Steven Hauschka 45-yard field goal.

Matt Schaub will take the blame for the Texans losing, throwing his third pick-six interception of the season, this time at the worst of timings, finding Richard Sherman, who took the ball back 58 yards to send the game into overtime. But it wasn’t just that interceptions (he threw two) and a fumble by Ben Tate. The Seahawks clamped down on the Texans in the second half, and made it impossible for the home side every time the offense took the field.

Houston scored 20 points, all in the second quarter, with 324 yards and 19 first downs during the first half. In the second half? Zero points, only 152 yards with only 10 first downs. Arian Foster and Ben Tate had strong days on the ground, combining for 146 yards, but the Texans once again overworked Foster and Tate had a costly fumble, allowing the Seahawks to get their first points of the second half and slowly crawl up back into the game.

Clutch Kicking

Marshawn Lynch scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter, erasing his second quarter fumble by capping off a 98-yard drive, setting up the Seahawks with only one score left before they tied the game. He finished with 98 yards on 17 carries, helped by Wilson with 77 yards and 10 carries. Wilson didn’t do too great in the final drive of overtime, completing two passes for a total of 14 yards, lucked out by having Kareem Jackson called for unnecessary roughness on one of the catches, helping Seattle enter field goal range; enough to win them the game. The Texans had two drives in overtime, but never got past their own 40.

It wasn’t the prettiest win in the world. But it sure looks pretty now. They handed it to us in the first half and we didn’t have any answers to stop it. But to play the way we did in the second half and overtime was crazy good. This is a fantastic team. It’s a testament to our character. We never quit. We hung in there and kept fighting. We played our best football in the second half. We showed a lot of grit today.

Everything looks harder after playing the Jags seven days earlier, but the Seahawks show more sides to their winning ways each game they play, or at least putting a different emphasis each time, with the defense not only being effective and focused from a certain point, but being clutch as well.

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