Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson Finally Shines on the Road

It’s been a weird season for the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson. Great and impressive performances at home but  shaky, sometimes terrible displays on the road. Wilson put the doubts of his and his team’s ability to win on the road away with a touchdown pass in overtime to give Seattle their second road win of the season.

Luck, RG3. Those are the most talked about names when it comes to the rookie discussion. But what about Wilson? With 19 passing touchdowns this season, he’s leading all rookies and now only 7 TD passes away from tying Peyton Manning’s record from 1998. No one expected Wilson to be this dominant, this calm in big-time situations. He wasn’t even supposed to be the starting quarterback for the team when the season began.

A few months later, and Wilson has thrown yet another game ending touchdown. There was the one that shouldn’t have been allowed to Golden Tate not too long ago, and now there’s this overtime pass to Sidney Rice, with the Seahawks winning in Chicago against a very strong but apparently slightly overrated Chicago Bears team.

It was quite a ride in the fourth quarter, with the Bears leading 14-10 until 24 second were left. Seattle began a drive with 3:40 left on the clock, and Wilson took them 97 yards, throwing a 14 yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate, giving the Seahawks a lead that surely should have been enough to win. He used his legs just as much as his arms, running for 47 yards on this drive and the one in overtime. Back to the point: The Bears managed a 56 yard play, with Cutler finding Brandon Marshall, setting up a game tying field goal.

The Seahawks began overtime with the ball on their 20. It was all about Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch getting first downs, passing only twice before reaching the Bears’ 13. The Seahawks  wanted a touchdown, and Wilson connected with Rice to make it a perfect ending.

I don’t think we are 1-5 road team. I don’t think we’ve ever been out of the game at the end. I don’t think there was ever a blowout, it always comes down to the last drive, the last play. The football gods were with us today and they helped us out.

Is it that simple? Are the Seahakws that good of a team? They’re still not top of their division, but the 49ers have gotten themselves into a lot of trouble by losing 16-13 to the St. Louis Rams. The Seahawks have four games left, three of them against division rivals, all at home. With Buffalo being their only road game left on the schedule, a double-digit win season doesn’t sound all that improbable.

The Seahawks seemed to make the most of a banged up Bears team, who has been in too many physical confrontations and games this past month. Using Marshawn Lynch (87 yards, 1 touchdown) was expected, but it looked like the Bears were surprised each time by Wilson’s ability to keep plays alive with his legs. He rushed for 71 yards, a career high for him. He also had his fourth consecutive game without a an interception and a +100 passer rating. He may not be getting the same kind of hype Luck and Griffin are enjoying, but he’s just as much worthy of the rookie of the year award as the more heralded quarterbacks of the 2012 draft class.

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