Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson is the Lowest-Paid Starting Quarterback in the NFL

Seattle Seahawks

Despite being one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the NFL last season (his rookie year, mind you) and leading the Seattle Seahawks to their first winning record in five years and a postseason win, Russell Wilson is going to be the lowest-paid starting quarterback among the projected 32 in the NFL next season.

Wilson led Seattle to an 11-5 record and a playoff win over the Washington Redskins, on the road, before dramatically losing to the Atlanta Falcons. He surprised many during last training camp as a third-round draft pick that overtook Matt Flynn and became quite a hit at the position, finishing with a 100 passer rating (4th in the NFL), while throwing only 10 interceptions and ranking in the top 5 in Touchdowns per pass attempt and yards per pass attempt last season.

But being a rookie to sign a deal after the new CBA, well, sucks. He has only $619,000 guaranteed coming his way next season, which is what happens when you’re the 75th overall pick. He signed a four-year, $3 million deal that the Seahawks are obviously going to improve if Wilson continues on the path he’s on now.

When you take a look at Tony Romo, whose average annual value is at $17.07 million on his new deal, you can’t help but wonder about the fact that both players have the same amount of playoff wins under their belt.

And that’s before we mention over rookies from last season – Andrew Luck ($1.39 million in cash next season), RGIII ($1.35 million), Ryan Tannehill ($965,000), Brandon Weeden ($757,000) and even rookie EJ Manuel, who is the most likely player to start for the Bills next season, who thanks to his signing bonus is making $5.25 million next season.

Players can start to renegotiate their deals after three years, which means that as long as Wilson continues to make the most of the run-oriented offense he’s playing on, with a lot of read-options helping him show off his talents, he’s going to be handed quite the pay raise in 2015.

Numbers: Sbnation