Seattle Seahawks – Too Good to Play at Home on Prime Time

Malcolm Smith

The NFL schedule being released is always big news, and one of the more interested tidbits to take from the big reveal is that the Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahakws won’t appear too much on Prime Time games, especially when they’re hosting the affair due to their dominance at CenturyLink Field in recent years.

They won the Super Bowl by 35 points and they haven’t seem to weaken by much in the offseason. Last season they lost just once at home to the Arizona Cardinals, but blew out the 49ers, Saints (34-7), Jags and Vikings when playing at home. The wins over the 49ers and the Saints were on prime-time. They also beat the 49ers 42-13 in a prime-time game in the 2012 season.

There was also their 31-14 win over the Eagles in the 2011 NFL season, also coming on a Thursday night. The only close game played against the Seahawks in prime-time in Seattle the last three seasons? That mockery win over the Green Bay Packers 14-12 thanks to the officials missing out on Golden Tate committing pass interference in order to grab a game winning touchdown on the final play.

There’s only one prime time game at home for the Seahawks this season, which will be against the Green Bay Packers, who once again have to open the season against an NFC West team on the road. It resulted in a great game against the 49ers to open 2013. But the Seahawks three other appearances in front of a national TV audience will be on the road: at Washington against the Redskins in Week 5; at San Francisco vs the 49ers on Thanksgiving night in Week 13; and against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night football in week 16.

According to a league source, the NFL was concerned about the blowouts in prime time games hosted by the Seahawks in recent years, and decided to try and make things more interesting for games that have a wider reach.

Image: Source