Sergio Ramos Brings a Disabled Fan to Tears

It’s incredible to see the power footballers have over their fans, and how even the smallest gesture, like Sergio Ramos saying a couple of words and shaking hands with a disabled fans, can have an incredible effect, bringing someone to tears.

As the Real Madrid star was entering the Real Madrid training complex with his car, he was approached by people looking for photos and autographs for him. The father of the fan in the wheelchair approached the car and asked Ramos, who didn’t seem in the best of moods (probably not a morning person), and asked for him to shake hands or provide any kind of gesture to the kid (well, not that young actually), who was previously interviewed, mentioning Ramos is his favorite player.

All Ramos did was say seven words: Hola, que pasa fenomeno? Todo Bien? Encantando. That was enough to do more than appease the fan, who spoke about the short encounter later, finding it difficult to control his tears.

Footballers and star athletes don’t always come out as the most down to earth people in the world, but it’s always great to see some of them appreciate the support, adoration and love they get from their fans, and how giving back only a few seconds of their precious time can mean the world to someone.