Sergio Vulcano – The Waiter That Looks Exactly Like Rafa Benitez

Sergio Vulcano

One of the more vicious nicknames Rafa Benitez got attached to him over the years is that of having the look of a Spanish waiter. Apparently, there’s a man in Napoli, Sergio Vulcano, who is a Benitez Doppelganger and happens to be working in the same profession.

In a bit of news that’s been circulating in Italy for the last three days, Sergio Vulcano, who works as a waiter in a Mexican restaurant in Naples, has come out and spoken about how much his life has changed since the Spanish manager has taken over for SSC Napoli.

I have know for a while that I look like Benitez, but after the arrival of the Spanish coach on the Azzurra’s bench the requests for photographs and autographs have definitely increased. A man once came up to me with a newspaper under his arm and asked me if I Benitez. He had been starring at me for days, and in the end he could not resist asking. Then, one morning at dawn, a police car flashed at me and a policeman shouted “ciao mister!”

It’ll be interesting to see how the attention he draws changes if Napoli distance themselves from the leading pack, which has already started to happen after losing to both Juventus and Roma in their biggest games of the season so far, not to mention the Champions League ticket to the round of 16 being at risk. It won’t be surprising if some people vent their wrath and frustration at someone who only looks like Benitez, but is a bit easier to reach.

Keep in mind, it won’t be surprising to hear this whole story is something of a hoax, although for now, it seems genuine enough.

Image via 101greatgoals