17 Sizzlin’ Babes in a Mid-August Treat for the Eyes

Elizabeth Turner Sunglasses
Elizabeth Turner

There’s nothing better than an extensive gallery of beautiful women in minimal clothing during the sweltering days of summer.

The list includes some of our usual favorites like McKenna Berkley, Josephine Skriver, Alexis Ren and Samantha Hoopes.

There are also those appearing for the first time in one of our “articles”: Jessica Clements, Natalia Mallmann, Sandra Kubicka and Elisabeth Giolito, among others.

And after the necessary introduction, onto the important stuff: The pictures.

McKenna Berkley – Shallow Water

McKenna Berkley

Jessica Clements – Pool Selfie

Jessica Clements

Rachel Cook – Tongue Biting

Rachel Cook

Kara Del Toro – Bed on the Beach

Kimberley Garner – Under Trees

Kimberley Garner

Elisabeth Giolito – Birthmark

Elisabeth Giolito

Samantha Hoopes – Wooden Stairs

Samantha Hoopes

Sandra Kubicka – Leaning

Sandra Kubicka

Natalia Mallmann – Exposed Shoulder

Natalia Mallmann

Alexis Ren – Drinking Wine

Asya Rosh – On the Roof

Asya Rosh

Anna-Christina Schwartz – Old Door

Anna-Christina Schwartz

Josephine Skriver – No Top

Josephine Skriver

Romee Strijd – One Eye

Romee Strijd

Lauren Summer – Bedroom Dance

Mackenzie Thoma – On a Chair

Mackenzie Thoma

Elizabeth Turner – Great Water

Elizabeth Turner