Stating the Obvious – Soccer Finals Most Watched Sporting Events in the World


Not that there’s anything new or refreshing about this newsflash, but it’s always nice for soccer fans to gloat in the glory of pure, simple and indisputable numbers. Football (real football as some refer to it) is the most popular sport in the world.

The NFL is raking in an enormous amount of money. The NBA is the most internationally appealing American Sports have to offer. The MLS is nowhere near the popularity of NFL, MLB, NBA and College Football, or College Basketball during March Madness.

But when it comes to big events and overall popularity world wide? Hardly anyone cares about the Super Bowl. More people watch the Cricket World Final or the main event in the Summer Olympics (Men’s 100 meters race) than a team from the AFC and NFC going at each other.

What am I trying to say? Nothing much. Simply gloating, which the person in charge of this website is allowing me to do. Soccer is often the foreign, weird little brother in the United States. But maybe people outside of America know a thing or to about sports, and maybe there’s a reason to love a sport that produces goalless draws and “boring” matches. Sometimes, there’s more to life than just goals and moments of highs & lows. Sometimes they’re a bit more difficult to find.