Steven Gerrard Loses One Final Time at Anfield (Liverpool vs Crystal Palace)

Steven Gerrard

For once, a home loss at Anfield, 3-1 to Crystal Palace, wasn’t too depressing for Liverpool fans. They were more depressed (melancholy might be more accurate) about seeing Steven Gerrard play at home for the final time.

To be honest, Crystal Palace won thanks to dodgy refereeing decisions. The Wilfred Zaha goal right after he entered the match should have been cancelled due to offside. The 90th minute goal by Glenn Murray as a penalty kick rebound came after a foul from outside the box. But Liverpool, in a lackluster performance, with the usual over passing and opportunity missing around the penalty box, weren’t going to win this match even if football was played for 180 minutes.

Gerrard himself didn’t cry or shed a tear. Not in front of the cameras. His wife did, as he was walking onto the pitch with his daughters. In the match itself he didn’t do much. He had his moments this season, like his winning goal against QPR, but for a farewell season, it was a bit underwhelming. He’s no longer fit enough to be a positive factor for 90 minutes. Not when his teammates are having a bad day.

Liverpool can still finish fifth if they don’t mess up on the final week of the season, playing away at Stoke. But a long and successful (in certain aspects) chapter in the club’s history is over for good. Steven Gerrard will never play at Anfield, at least not as a Liverpool player, ever again. He didn’t win a championship for the only club he has ever played for, but that doesn’t take away from his influence on the club, the league and European football over the last 17 years.

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