Super Bowl LII: 49ers, Cowboys & Steelers Rooting the Hardest for Eagles to Beat Patriots

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While many NFL fans would like to keep the status quo of the Philadelphia Eagles staying on 0 Super Bowl wins, it makes sense that the teams with the most titles; San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers; would root the hardest against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

Yes, even the Cowboys. It makes sense after you think about it for a bit.

The current standings when it comes to Super Bowl wins:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers: 6

2. Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots: 5

Haters United

And while the Cowboys fans may hate the Eagles with every fiber in their body, seeing the Patriots go past them on the all-time championship rankings and join the Steelers on top would be more painful. The same is true for the 49ers. Both the Cowboys and the Niners haven’t won a Super Bowl since the mid 1990’s. The Niners at least got glimpse (a very close one) five years ago.

The Steelers, the other AFC team, naturally want to remain on top alone. They led the NFL in Super Bowl titles after their dominant 70’s until the 49ers and Cowboys overtook them in the 90’s. Then, after the Patriots first dynasty (three Super Bowl wins in four years), the Steelers got back to the top with championship runs – in 2005 against the Seattle Seahawks and in 2008 against the Arizona Cardinals, with Ben Roethlisberger quarterbacking both wins.

Kings of the Super Bowl

But the Patriots got back. Losing two Super Bowls to the New York Giants didn’t dissuade them from going all the way again. The second golden era began in 2014, with a dramatic win over the Seahawks. Two years later (taking us to last season), and even more dramatic victory, this time against the Atlanta Falcons, in the first ever Super Bowl overtime. It put Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on a pedestal of their own compared to other quarterbacks and head coaches. 

The Patriots started winning in the 00’s. They’re not “blue bloods” if there’s such a thing. There’s the cheating allegations, dubious ref decisions and all the charming personalities that everyone doesn’t really love. Yes, it’s fun having the Eagles as the target of no Super Bowl and empty trophy cabinet jokes, but it seems that most of NFL fan bases are united in rooting for them – yes even the Steelers and Cowboys, against the NFL’s version of the evil empire.

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