Super Bowl XLIX – Waiting for a Scandal to Disappear

Super Bowl Media day

By the time Super Bowl XLIX will be over, no one will be talking about the deflated balls scandal anymore. Either the Seattle Seahawks win a second consecutive championship and the dynasty debate begins, or the New England Patriots win for the first time in a decade, adding to the legacy, legend and myth of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, who have seen their names tarnished and dragged in mud through the last nine days.

The Seattle Seahawks are probably fine with how things are going. Sure, they might be tired about¬†being asked whether or not they think the Patriots are cheaters, if they deserve to be in the Super Bowl and other questions along that line, but it takes a lot of focus away from them. There’s no media circus around anything Richard Sherman says or doesn’t. There’s nothing even slightly controversial regarding a team it looked like the media was trying to tear apart earlier this year.

But with all of the noise regarding the Patriots and the deflated balls, there’s the perception that making Bill Belichick and Tom Brady angry isn’t a smart thing to do. It’s not like they need any more motivation to prove to everyone that they’re better than their rivals. But remember Spygate in 2007? The Patriots responded by going 16-0 in the regular season. The only thing that stood in their way at the end of that undefeated run was Eli Manning.

It’s time to talk football, but air pressure and PSI are still such a huge part of the debate for the general public that it’s impossible not to at least glance in on the situation once in a while. Because there’s always the chance that there is some huge cover up, and someone as high up as Belichick or Brady knew something about it. Just for the chance of that actually being true everyone is giving this weird story so much attention.

But would have it been better to hear about the childhood of each player and how they got to where they are? About the personality differences between Belichick and Carroll? About how Brady represents a certain generation of quarterbacks, while Russell Wilson is ushering in a new age? About how the Seahawks are trying to build a dynasty of their own? Everything would have been feeling a bit ‘been there, done that.’ At least we’ve never had a deflated balls scandal before. It’s actually refreshing for some, even after nine days.

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