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Kentucky vs Losuiville – A Final Four Turning a State Crazy

Posted on 29 Mar, 2012, by in Featured

Old men fighting during their dialysis treatment after getting into an argument about Louisville and Kentucky. Resteraunts and bars, usually neutral, choosing sides and inviting only blue or red fans … More

Kentucky – Louisville Such a Final Four Attraction Because of Calipari – Pitino Rivalry

Posted on 27 Mar, 2012, by in NBA

Rick Pitino will make his sixth trip to the Final Four this weekend, his second with Louisville. For John Calipari, it’ll be his third visit to the national Semi Final, his second consecutive time with Kentucky. Like in that 1996 Semi Final between them, when Calipari was coaching UMass and Pitino was the Kentucky Head coach, all the focus is on them. More