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Major Injuries in Week 1 of the NFL Season

Posted on 12 Sep, 2016, by in NFL

The tragedy and appeal of American Football is its violent aspect, which glues many fans to the screens and seats, but also ends seasons and career after the first snap of the season. The San Diego Chargers have already lost Keenan Allen for the season, while the Houston Texans saw Brian Cushing go down with a serious injury, again. More

NFL Rumors – San Diego Chargers Happy About the Slimmer Keenan Allen

Posted on 9 Aug, 2015, by in NFL

It’s been a strong training camp for Keenan Allen, coming in slimmer and lighter by six pounds compared to last season, making the San Diego Chargers very optimistic about his performance in the upcoming season. More

Vanity Corner – No One Has a Bigger Ego Than Richard Sherman

Posted on 18 Sep, 2014, by in NFL

One thing that often separates likable and easily hated Super Bowl champions is the arrogance that flows from their players. You can guess quite easily what side the Seattle Seahawks belong to, with Richard Sherman being a big reason for the usual negative feeling towards the team. More

San Diego Chargers – A Better Philip Rivers Makes All the Difference

Posted on 15 Oct, 2013, by in NFL

Only one touchdown scored by the San Diego Chargers doesn’t mean their offense didn’t work well. Philip Rivers is looking completely different than season compared to the previous two campaigns, and he managed the game and the clock perfectly against a much better team in a non-conventional performance from what we’re used to seeing from the Chargers. More

NFL Rumors – San Diego Chargers Will Start Keenan Allen at Wide Receiver

Posted on 26 Jun, 2013, by in NFL

Being a third round draft pick and not having the greatest of Junior seasons for California doesn’t bode all that well for Keenan Allen, but the wide receiver thinks he has a very good chance to start for the San Diego Chargers in 2013. More