Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rumors – Darrelle Revis Doesn’t Like Playing For Greg Schiano

Darrelle Revis, Greg Schiano

After two losses, there are plenty of unhappy people among the Tampa Bay Buccaneers considering the high expectations before the season. Darrelle Revis, their biggest offseason signing, seems to be yet another player that isn’t too crazy about Greg Schiano and his disciplinary style, which is yet another cause for concern on a team that lost two very close games they should have won.

According to Fox Sports, Revis was expecting something similar to Rex Ryan’s approach while he was playing for the Jets, which means someone who is a lot more of a friend than a head coach. Schiano might be an excellent example for the college coach transition into NFL, and how their disciplinary view on things doesn’t always work in the world of professional players.

But it’s not only about personal relations. The media reports in Tampa suggest that Revis isn’t happy with the zone coverage the defense is playing, and prefers to be in a man-to-man system, where he does a lot better in his opinion, and might be right considering his numbers and success while playing for the Jets.

Revis himself was quick to react to the rumors, using twitter as a source for calming the flames and trying to convince anyone who might be worried that he’s committed to success with the Bucs and is sure things will be better from week 3 and onward. According to the NFL network, Revis met with Schiano and talked with him for 15 minutes to clear the air about the rumors circulating.

What’s going on Buc fans. Just to clear the smoke. I’m happy to be a Buccaneer & I’m happy to be a resident of Tampa. I’m excited for this year & I’m excited about this team as we move forward to prepare each week to get a W!!!

Recent reports have suggested that quarterback Josh Freeman and Schiano might not be getting along as well, and if Freeman’s production doesn’t pick up, there’s a chance he might find himself traded.

However, when more and more big-name players for the Bucs are expressing unhappiness with their head coach, it might be that Schiano should be worried about his place on the team.

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