Tel-Aviv Derby Abandoned After Fan Attacks Player; Somehow Footballer Gets Sent Off

Stupid referees ruin good football matches. Roi Reinshreiber made an appalling decision in the derby match between Hapoel and Maccabi Tel-Aviv in the Israeli Premier League, sending Eran Zahavi off with a red card for defending himself against a fan that stormed the pitch and attacked him. The match was later abandoned.

Zahavi, the best player in the Israeli league and the current star of Maccabi Tel-Aviv formerly played for the red side of the city, winning a championship with Hapoel in 2010. He left to Italy and try to play for Palermo, eventually returning to Israel, joining Maccabi to the fury of Hapoel fans.

Fan attacks player

There have been incidents of taunting between the player and the rival fan base in the past. However, something as extreme as this never happened. With the match at a 1-1 draw in the first half, an Hapoel fan ran onto the pitch and attacked Zahavi, who retaliated, defending himself against the kicks and punches.

Soon enough security came to handle the fan. Instead of trying to calm everything, Reinshreiber, not the most experienced of referees, sent Zahavi off the pitch with a red card.

After 15 minutes of ruckus, the match was renewed, but very soon Maccabi Tel-Aviv fans invaded the pitch, trying to tell their players to leave the football field. The referee stopped the match, deciding it won’t be completed due to a dumb decision he initially made.