Texas Longhorns – Best Coaching Job in College Football, According to ESPN

Texas head coach

A very interesting project at ESPN ranked the 65 power conference programs by the attractivity of the head coaching job. The “winners”? Texas, despite their lack of success, followed by Alabama, USC, Ohio State and surprisingly, Florida.

So why do the Texas Longhorns get the distinction of being the best spot for a head coach to land in? Austin is a great place to live in and help attract talent; the facilities are among the best in the nation; the school’s administration is on a constant hunt to improve and invest money, and having the ability to pay for everything as good as anyone else in the nation or even better.

They’re dominant in recruiting in a talent-rich state like Texas and have a huge fan base, although it isn’t as demanding as in other places like Alabama, Ohio State or Florida. The Longhorns might have just one national title to showcase in the last 44 years, but they provide what is considered the perfect balance for a head coach to want.

And who is below? Alabama got the number two spot, with the almost impossible expectations to live by being the only deterrent (especially after Saban’s tenure, whenever it ends). USC are third, especially now that the sanctions and restrictions have ended, followed by Ohio State, the defending national champions and heading into 2015 as the very early preseason favorite. The biggest surprise? Florida in the top 5, Florida State outside of it.

LSU, the Seminoles, Georgia, Oklahoma and Notre Dame round up the top 10. Oregon and Texas A&M tied for 11th. As for the worst? Wake Forest, getting stern competition from Iowa State for its desolation (Ames), Kansas, Washington State and Purdue.

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