The Best of the Tom Brady Memes

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It might be surprising for some to realize that according to surveys, Tom Brady is the most disliked quarterback in the NFL. It might have to with his success on and off the field, but also with him being perceived as something of a loser these last few years, or for being a whiner and something of a hypocrite considering what he says compared to how he acts, creating quite a few hilarious memes over the years.

Being successful is going to win you haters, that’s the deal in pretty much everything. The problem for Brady and the Patriots can be split into two: They won the championships early on in the Brady-Belichick relationship, and since then have gone 10 years with excellent regular season records but ending the postseason with disappointment time after time, including losing twice in the Super Bowl.

There’s the cheating angle to it: The Tuck Rule, Spygate and Brady getting somewhat preferential treatment from referees. Brady, despite the usual perception, wasn’t exactly destined to become a star quarterback. He was a backup at Michigan (even seventh on the depth chart during his Freshman year) and sixth round draft pick. He was Bledsoe’s backup until an injury paved the way for him to being a hall of fame career. But the money he makes, his lifestyle, his supermodel girlfriend and the fact that he takes losing the wrong way and can’t contain himself from complaining or delivering cheap shots in frustrating moments haven’t really won him any more fans outside of New England.