The FIFA 15 ‘Honest Trailer’ Is Another Attempt at Ridiculing Soccer


Despite it’s rising popularity, many are still trying to put down the most popular sport in the world, soccer or football (depends on where you’re from), and the ‘honest trailer’ treatment given by Smosh Games to the 2015 installment of the FIFA franchise is just another one in a long line of attempts to ridicule the sports.

Quite like homophobic men, the mere word soccer creates a very interesting response among too many Americans, who feel the need to make fun of the sport that just so happens to be the most popular in the world, maybe feeling like there’s an incoming invasion, just like the one from the 1960’s or the less talked about one from the 1980’s, a decade everyone is still trying to forget.

This is Smosh Games, so obviously each remark shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it takes a bite and follows each and every cliche and stereotype about soccer: From the diving, to what happens between the goals (calling it passing and jogging) and obviously, that famous joke about 120 minutes without any goals.

Whether or not you like FIFA or prefer some other franchise (PES maybe?), it’s hard to ignore the fact that the bias against soccer in the United States originates from deep, foolish feelings of fear that someone might actually be right about this foreign sport being just as good as the ones they’re used to rooting for or have been told they’re superior. Let me let you in on a little secret: The Super Bowl isn’t the most watched game in the world. Not even close.

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