The NFL Wants Wife Beating Players, Not Drug Users

NFL triangle

The NFL and its judicial system (whatever Roger Goodell decides) isn’t the hall of justice that determines what’s right and wrong in this world. However, being the number one sport in the United States, it is setting a very dangerous trend with its rough punishment against drug users compared to the lenient approach they used when Ray Rice beat up his fiancee.

Rice got a two game suspension. Josh Gordon might be out for half the season. Orlando Scandrick of the Dallas Cowboys will be out for four games due to testing positive for MDMA. Using Marijuana seems to be just as bad as the punishment makers of the NFL.

So what’s behind all of this? Hatred of women? Glorification of violence? Some strong anti-drug campaign? Maybe yes to the third one. I’m pretty sure Goodell wasn’t happy about Rice videotaped carrying his girlfriend out of an elevator in a hotel while she was out for the count. Still, a first offense of hitting someone seems to be lest severe than someone taking recreational drugs. Both are crimes, but it’s quite clear what’s the actual worse thing to do and what the NFL sees as more of a danger to its brand.

Maybe because people view the NFL as a violent league and the violence in it is one of its selling point, Ray Rice being a violent man off the field simply falls in with the guidelines. The NFL isn’t making new safety rules because they care that players can’t remember their names a few years after retiring. They’re simply covering up their own a$$es so no lawsuit will end the existence of this league or hurt the cash flow of the filthy rich owners.

The NFL will make money even if it makes right decisions when it comes to being humane. This witch hunt after certain drug use is OK, as long as it doesn’t come in place of other important decisions. Like making sure they’re sending a clear message against domestic abuse.

For now, the message players are getting? They can beat up their wives, girlfriends and significant others. As long as they weren’t taking cocaine or driving drunk while doing it, it won’t cost them too much of playing time or fine money.

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