The Video of Ray Rice Punching His Fiancee Cost Him His Job

After the media storm caused by the release of the video in which Ray Rice is hitting his fiancee in the elevator, the NFL suspended him indefinitely (goes to show they can do whatever they want if they actually want to do it) and shortly after he was released by the Baltimore Ravens, which means if he wants to play in the NFL again, he’ll have to reapply to the league.

This was written before the contract termination

Baltimore Ravens fans gave Ray Rice a standing ovation in preseason. The same man who hits, more than once, his fiancee, Janay Palmer, and got away with it. He got a two-game suspension from the NFL, and not much else. For some reason, he isn’t in jail.

Roger Goodell has admitted that he dropped the ball on this one and made the wrong decision. The NFL changed it’s policy when it comes to domestic abuse punishments. It’s not enough. But the NFL isn’t the only problem here. If Rice and other people know they can hit their spouse or maybe even children and get away with it by going to Anger Management, it’s quite a disturbing thought.

Janay Palmer and Rice got married a month after the February incident. Maybe she forgave him and accepted that he made a mistake, that he can change and be a better man. Maybe money simply makes people make certain decisions. It certainly helped people forgive or forget about Rice’s actions, just because he’s a football star, a fading one at that.