Tim Cahill Scores the Best Goal of the 2014 World Cup

The only thing wrong for Tim Cahill in the 2014 World Cup has been the results. Australia opened with a loss against Chile despite Cahill scoring. He scored again against the Netherlands in what was also the best match of the tournament. Once again, Australia lost.

Not a lot has been expected of Australia going into this tournament. A young team with hardly any players who are mainstays with European teams. A very tough group that included the two finalists from the previous tournament, Spain and the Netherlands, and also a very good Chilean side who are here to win instead of just roll over for the big teams to move through.

Australia are left with the compliments, but not the points. Cahill, who now plays his football in the MLS, reminded everyone of his scoring ability and especially how good he is in the air despite his age and the current league he is playing in. His rise to the air in the loss to Chile was impressive and reminiscent of his best days with Everton.

Tim Cahill

His goal against the Dutch was much better. Perfect to be exact. A long ball right after conceding, and Cahill was wide open in the penalty box. He didn’t try to control the ball or head it. He simply raised his left foot to hit a perfect volley that went off the crossbar and beyond the reach of Cillessen.

For Cahill, probably, this was the last World Cup. Unfortunately for him, it’s going to end like this – he got a second booking which meant he won’t play for Australia against Spain. However, despite the short stay in Brazil, he has certainly left his mark on the tournament.

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