Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea & Arsenal Interested in Signing Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez

Some rumors do really come out straight from left field, and don’t make all that much sense. But according to reports from England and Spain, Luis Suarez doesn’t want to leave England – he just wants to leave Liverpool, with Chelsea or Arsenal his preferred destinations.

According to the As in Spain, Chelsea are Suarez’ next club. According to the Daily Mail and the Sun, making three not-so-trustworthy sources, it’s Arsenal that will be the next stop for Suarez.

But lets try and sort out this madness. Suarez says he wants to leave England, which should rule out Chelsea and Arsenal, but all of this Real Madrid talk hasn’t done much in terms of actually pulling him away from the club. He hasn’t handed a transfer request to Liverpool, while Real Madrid haven’t approached the player as well.

But Suarez has also spoken to the Spanish and Uruguayan media about wanting to play some Champions League football and compete for the biggest titles, something he hasn’t been able to do with Liverpool, despite his great love for the club and the special feeling of playing in Anfield.

So what about the Chelsea link? Chelsea, at the moment, are still in the race to sign Ednison Cavani, but it seems that PSG are the team that is closest to completing the signing, rumored to have already agreed terms with the player and will probably be the first to match the insane price set for him, which would make him the fourth most expensive footballer in history, following Ronaldo, Zidane and Kaka.

Arsenal? At the moment, there are conflicting reports about Gonzalo Higuain, but it’s more than likely that he is on his way to get things done, and he will leave Real Madrid. In that case, it’s hard to see Arsenal actually trying to purchase another expensive striker, especially one that should cost over £35 million.

Real Madrid probably remain as the only threat to Liverpool, but that’s only after they fail in wrapping up the Cavani deal, although it’s not guaranteed they make a move at all.

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