Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Selling Nani to Monaco

It looks like the time of Nani with Manchester United is over after six seasons with the team, and they’re looking to sell him to any team willing to meet his transfer fee, with Monaco, the current scourge of the transfer market, looking like the team that might land the Portuguese winger.

Nani has been demoted over the last couple of seasons, from being possibly the best player on the team in the 2011 league title, to a persona non-grata almost after a disappointing second half to the season in 2011-2012 and a terrible season following that, playing in only 11 league matches and looking out of touch with his team whenever he did get a chance to play.


His off-the-field relationship with the club and Alex Ferguson deteriorated rapidly, and this is the second summer in which United have been trying to sell him, hoping that a open handed club like Monaco will be willing to meet the £20 million asking price, although in truth, after such a terrible season without more than one or two decent matches to show for himself, it’s hard to think of anyone in a top league and who cares about their finances spending that kind of money.

Nani is 26 and isn’t washed up, but it seems like his time with Manchester United is over. Possibly in the Premier League as well. He wants to be on a team where he’s more than just a part of the system, but wants to be as he sees himself – a true star, who doesn’t have to pay account every time he opts to dribble instead of cross or pass to a teammate, not to mention wanting money that United aren’t willing to pay him.

He has played 212 times for Manchester United since arriving from Sporting in 2007, also earning 62 caps (with 13 goals) for the national side. Monaco, still not clear or not where or whether they’ll play in the French league next season, look like a club that match all the criteria for a good next destination for Nani.

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