Transfer Rumors 2015 – Steven Gerrard Leaving Liverpool for the MLS

Steven Gerrard

It might be a bit difficult to believe, but Steven Gerrard might actually play for someone other than Liverpool before his football career is over, with more and more rumors suggesting he’s leaving the club for the MLS and to be more specific, the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Gerrard, who has been a Liverpool player all of his life (since the age of 7), is on the last season of his current contract, and still hasn’t agreed to a new deal with the club. Just like the Frank Lampard case with Chelsea (although Lampard didn’t grow at Stamford Bridge and played for a different club for six years before joining Chelsea), Gerrard might very well be playing somewhere else because a club looking constantly at the future can’t find a place for something of a living legend among its fans.

Lampard has actually played and scored against Chelsea this season as Manchester City pulled a nice little con job by keeping him and preventing him from joining New York FC and swindling a lot season ticket holders. Gerrard probably won’t be going in that direction, especially if he signs for the Los Angeles Galaxy, but obviously it’s way too soon to tell. For now, it’s about offers waiting for him, and a strong suggestion that he might announce signing with one of the potential clubs very soon.

Gerrard has won everything with Liverpool; everything but the league title, which they were a slip away from last season, if trying to find one tragic moment that beats out the rest. Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield. All the trophies are there, with plenty of other magical moments he has provided the club over the years, but it’s weird to think that he won’t be able to fulfill his long lasting dream, at least not with the only club he’s ever played for.

Gerrard is no longer good enough or to be more specific fit enough to be a starting player for Liverpool. The team is often better when he’s out of the lineup, as he’s unable to fill the role Rodgers requires of him as the team tries to balance and manage in the reality of the post Luis Suarez years. For about 14 years (Gerrard wasn’t great right away) he’s been almost automatic for any manager before every match, but there’s a good chance that a separation is the best option if Gerrard still wants first team football and Brendan Rodgers doesn’t have the guts to pull him to the bench on a regular basis.

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