Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal, Chelsea & Manchester United After Asmir Begovic

The best way to put it – none of the top English sides are really pleased with what they have at goal, which might mean we’ll see Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United give signing Asmir Begovic a go this summer, with Stoke ready to part ways with its Bosnian goalkeeper, knowing the financial windfall it will cushion the pain of losing an excellent player.

How much will it cost? Stoke are likely to ask for something between £15-20 million, possibly even beating the record for a goalkeeper in the Premier League, set by Manchester United in 2011 when they spent £18 million on David de Gea. United have been in good conceding form lately, and still there are those who think that the future of the side isn’t with the young Spanish goalkeeper, and there’s nothing wrong with quality competition.

For Arsenal, it’s been the case for nearly a decade – not finding a goalkeeper Arsene Wenger fully trusts, as Wojciech Szczesny hasn’t been exactly consistent in his performances, especially disappointing when it comes to big matches; maybe it has something to do with the defending in front of him, but who are we to argue with a successful manager like Wenger?

At Chelsea, it’s not the manager who does the signings, not when it’s soon-to-be-out Rafa Benitez. And still, with Petr Cech persuambly on his way out from the club, Chelsea are left with a decision – give Thibaut Courtois the chance he’s been waiting for after completing two seasons on loan with Atletico Madrid, or bring in another expensive signing from the outside in Begovic? If Chelsea do give up on Cech and go for Courtois as their future, there’s a chance that bargain hunters Arsenal will try and sign Cech instead of Begovic.

The Bosnian keeper wouldn’t really mind any of the clubs, simply knowing he’s going to a place where he’s going to be paid much better than at Stoke, and probably get to play for titles, more or less, every season. The 25 year-old has been with Stoke since 2010, so far playing in 85 Premier League matches.

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