Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal Close to Sign Julio Cesar

Some reports already suggest that Julio Cesar has left QPR and signed with Arsenal on a two-year deal which keeps him in the Premier League after being relegated with Rangers despite showing some good form since his arrival last summer.

It was always going to be a departure for Cesar in case QPR were relegated. Harry Reknapp himself said at the end of the season that Cesar isn’t a player for the Championship, and he doesn’t believe we’ll see him playing anymore for Rangers.

Julio Cesar

Arsenal, who tend to either sign players past their best or a little bit before it yet often not living up to their potential continued with their usual trend in Cesar, giving him £3.2 million a season for the next two years, hoping that the addition of a veteran goalkeeper doesn’t just intensify the competition for the lineup spot but also give Szczesny some sort of tutor to help him overcome certain problems he has that simply won’t go away.

Arsenal, just like Tottenham, were chasing Julio Cesar last summer, but it seemed that Inter were asking too much because of the big names on his back. The moment it was QPR, a team with hardly any sort of clout outside of England, came after him, it was easier to complete the deal.

If it’s not Arsenal, it’ll be another team. Cesar, who has seen a quite sharp decline in his ability since winning the Champions League in 2010, was pushed out of Inter by Samir Handanovic, maybe the best goalkeeper in Italy today. But the Brazilian (67 caps) isn’t going to find it very hard finding another team in a top European League, even at 33 and his contract demands. He’s probably headed to the Emirates where he won’t be willing to sit on the bench, but it won’t take him too long to find another team if it doesn’t work out.

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