Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal Dreaming of Signing Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

The chances of Wayne Rooney leaving Manchester United are pretty decent, but for him to join Arsenal? Seems like either too big of a dream for the gunners, or some tabloid fantasy which will never actually happen.

And yet, the Star and others keep reporting a link between the club and the player, referring to it as a potential dream move as far as the Gunners are concerned. But even if Rooney does convince David Moyes and Manchester United to put him on the market, he is one of the highest paid players in the world, something Arsenal have strictly been avoiding for years from happening on their team.

Still, Arsenal will likely offer Wayne Rooney the biggest contract they’ve ever given a player, breaking their famous ‘wage structure’, which hasn’t worked out too well for them when it comes to keeping their best players, although that had something to do with finishing third and fourth all the time as well.

At Old Trafford, Rooney and Moyes still haven’t met, and Arsenal are hoping that ancient reports about the two not being too fond of each other from way back to Rooney’s Everton days, although other reports have suggested that it’s changed over the years, and their relationship isn’t going to be what decides whether Rooney stays or doesn’t at United.

But when you compare Arsenal to the other clubs who might be interested in Rooney – mainly Chelsea and Barcelona, it suddenly becomes clear that Arsene Wenger isn’t in the best position to sign the English forward, who reportedly would prefer Chelsea among all of his suitors, while the option of playing next to Messi and Neymar is also a bit more intriguing than trying to push Arsenal from constant disappointment into title contender once again.

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