Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal Still Stuck With Gonzalo Higuain Deal

Gonzalo Higuain Goal

What looked like a done deal about a week ago is becoming more complicated and even distancing away from Arsenal, who thought they had the Gonzalo Higuain signing wrapped up, but now Real Madrid are asking for more money, while both Juventus and even Inter are trying to change the destination of the striker.

A £22 million signing seemed like something inevitable. Real Madrid have agreed to sell Gonzalo Higuain, and the player himself has declared more than once that he think playing in the Premier League will be something very good for him. However, Arsenal, despite all the promises of a busy summer of big-name transfers, haven’t completed.

There’s Higuain’s father who keeps talking about moving to Italy. Maybe he has some personal interest in the matter (meeting with Juventus and Inter officials on the side), which also can include a certain personal bonus which has become such an integral part of every deal as the people closest to the player want to carve out a little (or bigger than that) slice of the pie for themselves, but in any case, Higuain no longer seems determined to end up with Arsenal.

And then there are Real Madrid themselves, suddenly asking for €30 million from the gunners, probably seeing as there aren’t that many strikers with the resume and talents of Higuain out there for Arsenal to sign (Lewandowski, Dzeko, Cavani and Suarez are all out of their price range), making Higuain potentially even more valuable than before. While Wenger has plenty of money to spend, he wasn’t dreaming of using so much of it on one player.

Higuain himself? He just wants to be in a place where he knows his place in the lineup isn’t in danger. While the signing of Carlos Tevez by Juventus made some thing that will be enough for them in terms of strikers for the moment, they haven’t pulled out of the race at the moment. However, with both Fernando Llorente and Tevez, not to mention the leftovers from last season, finding a starting spot with the Italian champions won’t be as easy as it should be for Arsenal.

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