Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal Trying to Sign Both Luis Suarez & Gonzalo Higuain

Luis Suarez celebrating

Despite not doing much in the transfer market up to this point, Arsenal haven’t given up on their efforts to bring in a world class striker or even two, feeling confident they can sign both Luis Suarez from Liverpool and Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid.

If their first offer to Liverpool, worth £30 million, was just so they can get their attention while creating some turmoil over Suarez, who is suddenly talking about wanting to leave to any team with Champions League football and title prospects, their second offer worth £35 million is a bit more serious, and will have Liverpool considering their next move quite cautiously and heavily.

According to the Guardian, Liverpool are still holding out for an offer worth £40 million, but Arsenal (with Manchester City and Chelsea also on the lookout) are trying to see if they can drive a deeper wedge between the striker and his club, as he tries harder and harder to force out his exit from within.

As for Higuain? Arsene Wenger has reportedly mentioned he is quite confident that in the end, that saga will end up positively as well. Florentino Perez has mentioned there hasn’t even been an offer from the Gunners for the Argentine striker, but no one is denying talks are being held between the sides.

It seems weird that Arsenal, all of a sudden, are looking to spend more than £60 million on two players, who pretty much play the same position. Maybe this is just to make certain assurances for fans and especially worried shareholders that the club is going to spend some of the profits they’ve made over recent years from charging the highest prices in the Premier League.

It’s hard to believe Arsenal are actually going to outspend City and Chelsea, but maybe this is the season in which they make the switch back into a big club. In order for that to happen, a big-name player needs to arrive, with Suarez being the preferred option, while Liverpool are feeling that there’s isn’t much they can do anymore in order to stop him from leaving, and just need to wait for the right price to come.

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