Transfer Rumors 2013 – Bayern Munich & PSG Trying to Sign David Luiz

David Luiz

As if his ability with Chelsea wasn’t enough, his performances for Brazil in the Confederations Cup should complete the job , as David Luiz is now being more aggressively chased by Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, trying to sign him away from Chelsea.

At the moment, it seems that everyone’s waiting for Jose Mourinho to finally have his full team at hand, and make up his mind about Luiz’ place in the team for next season, after some rumors early on after the hiring suggested he’ll be looking to offload Luiz.

Why? Hard to say. Maybe he doesn’t fit Mourinho’s thoughts about what a centre back should be, possibly too attacking in nature. Luis was very efficient playing next to Thiago Silva for Brazil, probably a bit more cautious than he has been in club-form.

In any case, Bayern Munich are quite ready to enter a bidding war for him, joining Paris Saint-Germain, who would love to create their own Brazilian centre back duo once more after Alex chose to finish his career in Brazil.

While there are teams chasing Thiago Silva, PSG are confident they can keep their most expensive player ever and convince Luiz to make the crossing of the channel. Bayern Munich are in the same boat, with Dante as their leading centre back, hoping to create a super-Brazilian defensive center of their own.

Luiz’ cost? With four more years left on his contract, it’ll probably take €35 million to pry him away from Chelsea, who spent something close to that when they signed him from Benfica in 2011. Luiz has turned out to be a huge success, with his defending constantly improving while proving to be very useful with his ability to begin plays and be used as a defensive midfielder as well.

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