Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea Close to Signing Xabi Alonso From Real Madrid

Xabi Alonso

It seems the name Chelsea, Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid are most interesting ones in recent days when it comes to the transfer rumors leading up to the summer, beckoning closer. Among all the potential shopping lists one might have, there’s a good chance Xabi Alonso will be the first player to “defect” and make his Premier League return along with his manager.

It’s still not 100% that Mourinho does return to Chelsea – according to a lot of reports, the negotiations aren’t going all that well because of different approaches from both sides as to the power limits the manager should have. It’s hard, living under Roman Abramovich.

But if Mourinho does arrive, and it does seem inevitable that he does by the way things seem to work, there’s a good chance Alonso will be the first signing to make it over from the Spanish capital, making his Premier League return almost four years after he left Liverpool for £30 million.

Alonso is one of the few from the “Spanish camp” that hasn’t lost all confidence and faith in Mourinho, but the awkward social situation within the dressing room over the past 12 months have been a leading cause in his decision to seek a way back into the Premier League, probably at a much lower price than he left for, as he’s turning 32 in six months.

It’s always been some sort of consensus that Liverpool are his one true love, but the club probably isn’t looking to spend too much money on a player, as good as he is, with all of the pedigree and glitter from winning everything possible with the Spanish national team and playing his best football over the past 3-4 seasons for Real Madrid, isn’t getting any younger, and isn’t going to ask for a reduced salary, even if it to move back to Liverpool, the club he cares so much about.

Alonso has been criticized a bit over the past couple of weeks for his performance in the matches against Borussia Dortmund, but two matches don’t make a player obsolete  Alonso is one of the finest midfielders in the world, and will certainly upgrade whatever constellation he’s used in when he arrives at Stamford Bridge after 188 matches and 6 goals at the Santiago Bernabeu.