Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea Still Trying to Sign Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney Leaving

It seems that the Wayne Rooney issue refuses to be resolved at this point, with the player not making any signs of tracking back on his desire to leave Manchester United, and Chelsea still feeling quite confident they can sign the player eventually.

Rooney has been staying rather quiet this summer and especially since leaving United’s training camp and preseason tour due to an injury, which wasn’t very surprising to those expecting Rooney to show up in less than perfect shape to the new season.

Chelsea have already made one bid for the player, which involved only cash unlike earlier rumors suggesting that they were willing to part with Juan Mata or David Luiz in order to add the English international.

Chelsea’s next offer, according to the Daily Mail will be worth £30 million, but that’s without mentioning the £240,000 it is rumors that the club are willing to pay Rooney as his weekly salary.

Is there a turning back for United and Rooney from the point they’ve reached? There’s a chance that the whole Cesc Fabregas issue will have an influence on their decision – both when it comes to finances, and also in terms of tactical purposes; David Moyes doesn’t intend Rooney to be an integral part of the strike force, either making him a backup forward or someone who’ll spend a lot more time than ever in the middle of the pitch.

It’s weird to see a player who has won so much with United and has been so successful for the last decade possibly ending up being “throw out” of the club and pretty much eating up any patience anyone still had left for him. Great seasons are followed by troubled ones in Rooney’s case, with the cycle showing itself in its strongest form over the last four seasons. It means that Rooney should be great in 2013-2014, but not necessarily in United uniform.

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