Transfer Rumors – Chelsea Trying to Convince Marco van Ginkel to Sign With Them

Marco van Ginkel

The decision seems easy to some – Marco van Ginkel, a Vitesse player and a Dutch international, has a chance to play for Chelsea. What’s the worry? The 20-year old doesn’t want to be a player who spends entire seasons on the bench, and is reluctant to make the move unless he gets certain assurances regarding his role with the club.

According to the BBC, Chelsea don’t want to let this one get away, especially after impressing in the U-21 European championship, playing for the Dutch team, and have Jose Mourinho talk to the central midfielder, hoping he’ll be able to clear away any doubts van Ginkel might have about the transfer.

Looking at recent years and signings, Chelsea isn’t exactly the place where young players get a chance to develop, unless they’re already bought as stars, like Juan Mata, Oscar and Eden Hazard. For someone like Marko Marin, last season was a nightmare, and Victor Moses himself didn’t get too much playing time as well.

Some of Chelsea’s younger players, like Kevin de Bruyne and Thibaut Courtois found themselves getting better chances playing on loan for different clubs, which Van Ginkel doesn’t want to happen to him. He likes playing for Vitesse, and doesn’t want to leave the club just to be loaned out somewhere without getting a proper chance and opportunity to make a run at the starting position in the middle of the pitch.

What does work in van Ginkel’s favor, at the moment, is the lack of depth and lets face it, quality as well, Chelsea have in the middle. Frank Lampard might be a Jose Mourinho loyalist, but behind his goals hides a player who doesn’t do much else on the field. Ramires has never really been completely comfortable in the middle and especially in a tactically restraining role. Jon Obi Mikel was unmovable from the lineup last season, but there’s always a feeling that something better is out there for Chelsea.

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