Transfer Rumors 2013 – Chelsea Trying to Sign Fabio Coentrao

Fabio Coentrao

The fact that Real Madrid now have a manager means that some of their players might finally be able to go, once he decides who stays and who doesn’t. Chelsea are hoping that Fabio Coentrao is one of the players that become available.

Coentrao hasn’t been the most popular player at Real Madrid since arriving in 2011 from Benfica, failing to show on a consistent basis his ability on both attack and defense that earned him the six year contract and €30 million transfer fee.

It wasn’t just criticism from outside the club – Coentrao wasn’t considered too popular among most of the team’s players, part of the whole Portuguese – Spainsh split in the dressing room. However, he remained one of Mourinho’s favorite players, providing better defensive ability than Marcelo on the left wing, and having the ability to play in other positions as well.

Coentrao played in only 16 league matches last season, as his form was disappointing at times, not to mention injuries and suspension bit into his playing time as well. He ended up featuring in 16 league matches and an additional 8 in the Champions League.

But a less than perfect time with Real Madrid doesn’t mean the 25 year old isn’t going to be quite popular outside the club. He’s still considered one of the best left backs in Europe, probably in need of some sort of change and departure from a team that doesn’t hold him in the highest regard.

And that’s where Jose Mourinho comes in. Ashley Cole is no longer the undisputed best left back in the land, probably falling behind Leighton Baines in his ability, making more and more mistakes and errors in the back, while remaining quite useless when attacking. Mourinho would like to see Coentrao be another player that pushes someone of the Chelsea ‘old guard’ out of the club.

Coentrao should cost at least €18 million, unless Real Madrid want to give Jose Mourinho a hard time after three turbulent and generally disappointing seasons. Cole has a deal until 2014, which means it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him snapped up by some club in the next couple of months, although his salary might prevent anyone from purchasing him before he becomes a free player.

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