Transfer Rumors 2013 – Cristiano Ronaldo Won’t Stay With Real Madrid

There’s a good chance PSG will be making offers this summer, at least on the down low. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo is dreaming about a Manchester United return and doing nothing to confirm he’s staying with Real Madrid beyond the current contract.

One press conference doesn’t change the world, but when Ronaldo refuses to talk about the contract situation, it seems very different from a year ago, when winning the La Liga made everyone giddy from joy. Ronaldo declared his eternal loyalty to Real Madrid, pledging he’ll stay with the club forever. Words mean nothing in football.

When confronted with his past deceleration, he simply steered away from the subject. I don’t want to talk about my contract and my future with Real Madrid… Real Madrid fans shouldn’t worry, I’m going to give everything I have for the club.

Forever, never. Again, words that are useless when it comes to sports. This is a business, although it doesn’t always run based on the same codes. Still, Cristiano Ronaldo, like every other person in the world, is fueled by his desire to make money and/or feel good about himself. For some reason, it seems he’s getting it more and more into his head that leaving Real Madrid and returning to Manchester United, for example, might make it easier for him to win the Ballon d’Or. The La Liga is too crowded for both him and Messi.

PSG seem the likeliest team to be making a move towards the player this summer, if at all. Remember, he’s signed with Real, unless he signs the extension everyone has been talking about, until 2015. He’ll be 30 by the time that contract expires, so maybe it wouldn’t really matter what league he plays in and how far away is he from the blinding light of Lionel Messi he finds himself. He might just be not that good in two and a half years.

If it’s the money thing, PSG can probably offer more than any other club at the moment. Who knows, maybe they’ll also be lucrative enough professionally by the time he has to make a decision. I don’t see any reason for Real Madrid to sell him, unless there’s an offer in the range some spoke about, which is higher than the €93.9 million they paid for him in 2009.

Once again, you never know with the second best player in the world, who has scored 14 goals in 17 La Liga matches this season. This whole unhappy 2.0 might be another negotiation ploy. What we do know is that Ronaldo hasn’t signed a new contract; he’s disappointed about not being able to end the dominant reign of Barcelona in the La Liga, and for some reason, feels under appreciated. The rest? Speculation, which will not be resolved in the next few months.

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